Mayones Basses
JABBA CLASSIC (4 or 5-string)
Mayones released its own variation of this ageless construction. Mayones' Jabba is available in three main versions. The Classic comes with traditional Alder body and Delano JJ pickups and Schaller bridge. The Special is built with Alder body and quilted Maple top, modern vintage Nordstrand FS pickups and Hipshot hardware. The Custom version is based on Ash-Wenge body, eye Poplar top with two sound chambers and equipped with Basslines pickups and Schaller hardware. All Jabba's feature one piece bollt on neck (6 screws), 34"scale, 24 medium frets. Also available as fretless and lefthanded. read more...
Jabba Custom
JABBA CUSTOM (4 or 5-string)
Jabba Custom is an exclusive classic instrument with the modern touch. The Custom boasts Ash body with two sound chambers, Eye Poplar top, Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard. Equipped with Aguilar J Hot pickups, Mayones 2-band GP-BP3 active electronics, Mayo Vintage Bass bridge, Schaller BM tuners and straplocks. Available as 4 and 5 string version. Hardcase included. read more...
Jabba Custom
BE EXOTIC (4 or 5-string)
Be Exotic bass features bolt-on construction, 5 pieces Mahogany-Maple comfortable neck, Amazakoe profiled body in natural wood oil finish. Equipped with Bartolini pickups and 3 band Mayo GP-BP3 bass preamp. Available as 4 and 5 string instrument, fretted or fretless. Deluxe Gigbag included. read more...
Be Exotic
BE GOTHIC (4 or 5-string)
Be Gothic bass features 5-pcs Mahogany-Maple bolt on neck (5 screws deep neck-joint), Amazakoe profiled body. Gothic black finish with delicate wood grains structure. Equipped with EMG J set active pickups and passive electronics. Available as 4 and 5 string instrument, fretted version only. Deluxe Gigbag more...
Be Gothic
CALEDONIUS (4, 5 or 6-string)
The Mayones S-Cut Basses are the daisies for the single cut lovers, who can truly value the unique beauty of their unusual shape. Additional wood in the upper horn allows for more contact between the neck and the body, adding stability and sustain. The comfortable neck joint profile provides exceptionally easy access to all the upper positions of their extended fret range. The Caledonius Classic sports the features well known from the other Mayones Neck-Thru basses: 5-ply Wenge-Padouk neck, Ebony fingerboard and Ash body with Eye Poplar top. The bass combines the ascetics of the simple H-H pickup configuration, solid sound of the chosen wood selection and the off beat "Single Cut Handle" design. Available as 4, 5 or 6 string instrument, fretted or fretless. read more...
COMODOUS (4, 5 or 6-string)
The Comodous can be aptly labelled "The Player's Choice", as it remains to this day our most successful and popular model. The shape of the body, both anxious and subtle, the selection of tone wood and the trusty combination of an active preamp and humbuckers by Aguilar provide for a well-balanced sound, near infinite tonal possibilities and truly universal looks. The Comodous Classic comes with Eye Poplar top in natural wood color (gloss or matt finish), Ash body with 9ply Maple-Mahogany monolith neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Mayones X2 series bridge, Schaller tuners and more...
ELEGANCE (4, 5 or 6-string)
With the subtle charm of its gentle body contour this bass represents true elegance. The pleasant look of its blond wood and the smooth tone of Bartolini Precision/Humbucker pickups make the Elegance a consummate choice for those who seek natural and warm sound. Elegance Classic is delivered with 9ply Maple-Mahogany neck-thru construction, Ash body with natural Flamed Maple top. The standard setup also consists of Mayones X2 bridge, Schaller tuners & straplocks and Bartolini PB-H pickups and Bartolini active preamp. Available as 4, 5 or 6 string version. Hardcase more...
PATRIOT CLASSIC (4, 5 or 6-string)
When it comes to defend your homeland against hordes of enemies a mighty war axe is a must. So is the Patriot – imposing with its lusty body and rock-solid sound of active pickups arouse fear in those who oppose. The Patriot Classic is served with radiused Ash body and Flamed Maple top in transparent black finish, solid 5ply Wenge-Padouk neck with Rosewood fingerboard, EMG active circuitry and pickups, Mayones X2 bridge, Schaller tuners and Straplocks. Available as 4, 5 or 6 string version. Hardcase more...
Patriot Classic
PATRIOT V-Fret (4, 5 or 6-string)
Mayones Patriot 5 with fanned frets. Multiscale V-Frets give this bass guitar an extended range of sounds and more...
Patriot V-Fret
PATRIOT T.E.W. (4, 5 or 6-string)
A Tonally Enhanced Wooden (T.E.W.) take on the classic Patriot, to give it a more classic look, but not only that, its wood is processed with a strict combination of pressure, humidity and temperature to provide it excellent durability, great stability and above all exquisite tonal properties. read more...
Patriot TEW
PATRIOT MR Fretless (4, 5 or 6-string)
Maurizio Rolli is a graduate in double bass and jazz music studies. He is currently teaching electric bass and double bass as well as jazz harmony studies at the Accademia Musicale Pescarese in Pescara, Italy. Over the years he won several music competitions including Barga Jazz, Biennale del Mediterraneo or Roccella Ionica and worked with such acclaimed artists as Jim Hall, Mike Stern, Bob Mintzer or Hiram Bullock.
Patriot 5 Fretless MR was designed to add a unique clarity to the warm sound of the fretless bass. The combination of excellent tonewood, connected sound chambers equally distributed all over the body and top notch electronics define the new quality in the universe of low frequency. read more...
Patriot Maurizio Rolli Fretless
PRESTIGE (4, 5 or 6-string)
The Prestige Classic features Ash body with Spalted Maple top, 5-ply Wenge-Padouk monolith neck, Ebony fingerboard, Nordstrand FS pickups matched with Aguilar active electronics, Mayones X2 series bridge, Schaller tuners and Straplocks. Available 4, 5 or 6 string version. Hardcase included. read more...
SLOGAN (4, 5 or 6-string)
A tribute model for Steve Logan, an American bass-player known for his cooperation with real jazz legends, like David Sanborn, John Scofield or Aretha Franklin.
The Slogan Classic bass follows the exact specification of its inventor: Bartolini passive pickups combined with Aguilar active electronics for tonal versatility and Ebony fingerboard and Ebony Macassa top for splendid looks. The rest of the specification includes a profiled Ash body attached to 9ply Maple-Mahogany monolith neck, Mayones X2 series bridge, Schaller tuners and Straplocks. Available 4, 5 or 6 string instrument. Hardcase included. read more...
VICTORIOUS (4, 5 or 6-string)
The natural charisma enchanted in the imposing shape of The Victorious cannot be easily ignored. When you add a round and forcefull sound on top, you will receive the instrument capable of ruling any stage and audience.
The Victorious boasts Ash body with Redwood top, 9ply Maple-Mahogany monolith neck and Rosewood fingerboard. The hardware sports Schaller tuners and Straplocks, Mayones X2 bridge and Aguilar passive Soapbar pickups matched with Aguilar OBP-3 active electronics. Available 4, 5 or 6 string instrument. Hardcase included. read more...
CUSTOM PI (4, 5 or 6-string)
Wojtek Pilichowski signature bass follows the basic specs of our top of the line active basses, with neck-thru construction, profiled Ash body, Bartolini Soapbar pickups, Aguillar built-in electronic & Schaller hardware. Signature special features in standard of this version are: Wenge-Padouk neck, Eye Poplar top (natural color, gloss), which both add up to the modern deep warm sound & exclusive look of this instrument. The model is outlined with an acrylic pearl Pi sign between 11-13 fret of the Ebony fingerboard. Available only in 4-stringed version, fretted. read more...
Custom Pi
CUSTOM PI (4, 5 or 6-string)
Mayones presents the signature bass lines built under guidance of and inspired by Wojtek Pilichowski, one of the most popular Polish bass players, world-renowned for his superb slapping techniques, the author of 7 solo albums (over 70 000 copies), 4 guides and lessons for bass guitar and a contributor on more than 120 CDs of other artists.
The Custom Pi 2 bass shares the same specs as The Custom Pi model: Ash body and Wenge-Padouk solid neck for quick percussive sound with rich lows and ringing highs, Wojtek's favourite Bartolini Soapbar pickups and Aguilar active preamp. The unique feature of Custom Pi 2 bass is an exceptional Cocobollo top. Available 4 string version only. Hardcase included. read more...
Custom Pi2
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